Self Efficacy of Family Planning Acceptors in Selecting Contraception Methods

Kamsatun K, Elis E


The behavior of family planning acceptors in choosing the contraception methods was influenced by several factors. Banduras’ theory stated that the cognitive processes including making a decision, having beliefs, or appreciating self-abilities were a consideration in understanding individuals' capabilities to deal with certain tasks. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between self-efficacy and the selection of contraception methods. This research applied the colerational design with a cross-sectional approach. Independent variable was the level of Self-efficacy and the dependent variable was the choice of contraception methods. The population in this study were all fertile age couples (15-49 years) who were part of family planning acceptors in the Kopo sub-district Bandung Regency. The samples were 70 people that were chosen using cluster sampling techniques. Instruments of this study were the self-efficacy scale based on Bandura (1997) aspect of self-efficacy in Ghufron (2010) and the modification scale of General Self-Efficacy (GSE) from Schwarzer and Jerusalem (1995). According to Schwarzer et al (2009) states that the GSE scale is a unidimensional scale where the GSE scale of 12 items is a unity of aspects of magnitude, strength, and generality. Analysis using the Chi-Square test. There was a relationship between self-efficacy and contraception selection with p-value 0,031. Family planning counseling with health providers would motivate acceptors. Family planning acceptors improved self-efficacy so that family planning acceptors would be confident with the choice of contraception used and avoid the risk of harmful pregnancy.


Keywords: Self-efficacy, Family Planning Participants

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